Monday, December 30, 2013


By Julianne Donaldson
Shadow Mountain, 2013. 286 pgs. Romance

Kate Worthington has decided that she will never marry and instead would rather travel to India with her aunt. Her mother has other plans and they finally settle on a bargain where Kate can go to India if she receives and then rejects three marriage proposals. In order to do this she travels to the manor of Blackmoore where she asks for the help of her longtime childhood friend Henry Delafield. The plan seems simple in Kate's mind but things don't go as planned and she must face some hard truths about herself and those around her.

This is another great Regency romance from Julianne Donaldson. It is a little darker than her first novel, Edenbrooke, but it is still enjoyable. Kate and Henry are by far the most likable characters. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good clean romance with some unexpected twists.


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