Saturday, December 14, 2013


Ironskin (Ironskin #1)
By Tina Connolly
Tor Books, 2012. 304 pgs. Science Fiction.

In this steampunk version of Jane Eyre, Jane Eliot has been disfigured by faerie magic during the Great War, forcing her to wear an iron mask to hide her fey-curse from the rest of the world. She finally finds employment in the far off home of Edward Rochart, teaching his daughter Dorie how to mask her own faerie proclivities. But as she becomes more a part of the family, Jane discovers that Edward is keeping secrets, secrets he will guard at any price.

Connolly presents a very unique take on the classic book. The reader will still see the original Bronte influence in many aspects of the novel, but should not expect the author to slavishly follow the plot to the last detail, although more details may become clear in the second book which should be coming out soon. She also creates a new world with intricate detail. A fascinating read for anyone who loves science fiction, classics, or both.


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