Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Night Film

Night Film
By Marisha Pessl
Random House, 2013, 602 pgs. Fiction

The size of this book my intimidate some people but the story moves so quickly and the plot is so detailed that I barely noticed. I listened to the audiobook and enjoyed the narrator as well as the mystery combined with creepy characters and somewhat mystical feel. The book is written in a clever format using screenshots of websites, news clippings and police reports so definitely  look through the book even if you listen to the audio version since there is a lot of imagery added to the suspense.

In this book Pessl uses a mysterious father-daughter relationship as the focus of the mystery being solved. Ashley Cordova is the daughter of filmmaker Stanislas Cordova who has a dark history. She supposedly commits suicide and from here the book goes in to an intense investigation of her death, her life, and Cordova's life as well. The main character,  a reporter named Scott McGrath, is intriguing and it was interesting to read (hear) his story as well and why he is so intent on proving Ashley didn't commit suicide.


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