Tuesday, December 31, 2013


By Catherine McKenzie
William Morrow, 2012. 390 pgs. Romance.

About to publish her first novel, Anne Blythe's life should be looking up, but when yet another relationship ends in disaster and shortly after that her best friend announces her engagement, Anne begins to second guess her ability to find a lasting relationship. So when by chance Anne comes across the card of an exclusive dating service called Blythe & Co. Anne believes it is a sign.

Anne sets up an appointment with Blythe & Co. only to discover that it is actually an exclusive, and pricey, arranged marriage service. After initially rejecting the idea she gradually warms to it and within a few months finds herself at a resort in Mexico where she is to meet her future spouse and marry him the next day.

This is a cute, beach read kind of novel. If you enjoy chick-lit like Sophie Kinsella and Hester Browne then I think you will like Catherine McKenzie.


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