Monday, December 2, 2013

Never Go Back

Never Go Back
by Lee Child
Delacorte, 2013.  400 pgs. Mystery

Jack Reacher's latest adventure finds him drawn back to his former command, invited by Susan Martin, the new CO, who sounds intriguing over the phone.  When he arrives Major Turner is in custody, accused of bribery, and Reacher is detained for supposedly beating a man to death many years before. He also is facing a paternity suit from a woman he has never met. Reacher and Turner bust out of jail and head out to clear their names. The usual fun and wild rumpus begin then as Reacher outwits, outmaneuvers, and punches out various plug-uglies from various agencies (some of them suddenly suspect) who are mixed up in some kind of smuggling operation out of Afghanistan. Major Turner is intelligent and skilled, but as is usual with Jack Reacher she is primarily along to provide "companionship" and to make suggestions and ask questions which will allow Reacher to exhibit his superior knowledge.  Still, for a quick, light, frozen winter beach read, it is some fun.


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