Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Southern Cross the Dog

Southern Cross the Dog
By Bill Cheng
Ecco, 2013, 336 pgs. Fiction.

This book was difficult for me to finish. I liked many parts of the storyline and really wanted to love it. I did listen to the audiobook and wonder if the multiple characters and storylines made it more difficult to follow along.

After the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 Robert Chatham loses everything and starts a journey of self discovery and creative adventures. I loved the language of the South and the random and richly detailed characters Robert meets up with. Some of the content was difficult to get through as there are brutal challenges Robert faces and plot drags in some parts. Overall if you like the a Southern Gothic novel. The history alone made it worth reading as well as Robert's hopes to make a life after the flood.


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Laura said...

I have been avoiding this book because Bill Cheng seemed so singularly unsuited to write it, even though everyone said he did a miraculously good job. Thanks for the review! That helps.