Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Question of Honor

A Question of Honor (Bess Cr #5)
By Charles Todd
William Morrow, 2013. 320 pgs. Mystery.

Bess Crawford finds herself again embroiled in an investigation when she sees Lieutenant Wade in a station hospital, a man who, while under her father's command in India ten years before, disappeared under the suspicion of having murdered 5 people. As she looks more into the circumstances of the old affair with her father's sergeant major, Simon Brandon, she discovers that someone is just as eager not to have the past resurrected.

Even as the fifth in a series, Todd continues to entrance with Bess Crawford and her instinct for trouble. He makes it believable that a nurse on the front lines would be investigating the things happening around her that don't make sense to her. He also puts in a lot of great detail about life during WWI. Todd creates with Bess a wonderful series of what I call "gentle mysteries," where the plot is driven less by action and adventure and more by great characterization and puzzle solving.


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