Saturday, December 14, 2013

Austensibly Ordinary

Austensibly Ordinary
By Alyssa Goodnight
Kensington, 2013. 320 pgs. Romance.

Cate Kendall is a Jane Austen fanatic, dreaming of finding a brooding hero with the charm of Austen's heroes outside the pages of her books. The chance discovery of Jane's lost diary, however, changes her game plan. She creates a new, sexy persona and sets out to find the man of her fantasies. But could it be that love is closer than she ever imagined?

I will admit candidly that I love Austen and can sometimes read Austen knockoffs with a great deal of simple pleasure. But this book infuriated me. What starts as a completely unhealthy obsession with Austen turns quickly in to madness when she starts receiving special messages from Jane (from the dead?) through the lost journal that guide her in her path to find true love. What started out as a nice plot quickly degenerated into absurdity.


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