Friday, December 13, 2013


By Rainbow Rowell
St Martin's Press, 2013. 433 pgs. Young Adult.

After being blown away by Eleanor and Park I was really hoping Rowell's second Young Adult novel would be the same for me. I enjoyed it but some of the storyline arcs were a little tedious for me. It is an easy read and it had great characters. The main character Cath is a fan fiction writer for the Simon Snow series (it is like our world's Harry Potter) and the excerpts of her fan fiction as well as parts of the Simon Snow novels seemed a little much and I ended up skipping many of these parts.

Cath and Wren are twin sisters that go off to college and Wren has other ideas of what she'd like in her college life. The book focuses mostly on Cath and then her interactions with her sister, father, new friends, and of course the cute guy that comes in to the story. There are some heart warming moments and overall it was a good book. This is a great YA novel because it deals with life changes, trying to hold on to things you loved from the past, and moving on in many ways.


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