Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Program

The Program
By Suzanne Young
Simon Pulse, 2013. 416 pgs. Young Adult

In Sloane's world, suicide among teens has become an international epidemic, affecting one in every three teens.  The only solution anyone has come up with is The Program.  But Sloan is desperate to keep herself out of The Program because anyone who has ever come out of it returns as a blank slate: their volatile and suicidal nature is gone, but so are their memories.  Sloan knows her parents would do anything to keep her alive so she must try to appear as normal as possible, but it's getting harder to hide the truth.

This is a page-turning dystopia with a storyline that is more complex than I first thought.  It will give readers a lot to think about as they examine the lengths that people will go to save their loved ones and whether the end justifies the means.  This is a solid offering on the wide table of dystopias out there to choose from.


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