Monday, December 9, 2013

Kate: The Future Queen

Kate: The Future Queen
By Katie Nicholl
Weinstein Books, 2013. 354 pgs. Biography

Kate Middleton started out as your average, shy girl from a working class family. No one knew she would one day be married to Prince William and become Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. This book attempts to chronicle her life starting with her family roots, working through her childhood and school years, her courtship and marriage to Prince William and finally ending with the birth of Prince George.

I love reading about the Duchess of Cambridge, and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. That being said, I’m pretty sure there was quite a bit of speculation on the author’s part, and I noticed a few errors. The book isn’t perfect and I wouldn’t consider it an absolute authority, but I did learn a few new things and found it fascinating. I would recommend it to people who, like me, enjoy reading about the royal family and are okay with a bit of gossip. If, however, you like nothing but solid and confirmed facts, stay away.


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