Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Among Others

Among Others
By Jo Walton
Tor Books, 2012, 304 pgs. Science Fiction

Jo Walton has written a fantastic book about magic, growing up, and books. Morwenna was injured and her twin sister killed when their mother tried to battle them with dark magic. Mori runs away to her father she has never known and ends up in a bland boarding school. This story has so many elements to it as Mori makes friends, find a library with a science fiction/fantasy book club, and learns to live without her sister. Through journal entries Mori's life is told in some back story and current events. Her communication with fairies and experiences are magical in a completely different way from other books with the storyline of magic and boarding schools. It was fun to see the book club discuss well known fantasy books and I loved the descriptions of England and Wales.


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