Tuesday, December 3, 2013


by Dan Brown
Random House, 2013. 461 pgs. Fiction

As soon as Robert Langdon wakes up at a hospital in Florence he’s under attack. With no idea how he got there or who to trust, he must figure out why he’s in Italy, why people are after him, and why he has a modified version of Botticelli’s Map of Hell concealed in his coat. Through clues in the painting and the text of Dante’s Inferno, Langdon uncovers a bioterrorism plot that only he can figure out, but will he do it in time?

This is classic Dan Brown. If you’ve read his other books, particularly his Robert Landon series, Inferno won’t surprise you. It’s still a fun read full of clues and symbolism, but it’s very similar to what he’s done in the past. That being said, I loved the ending and found it much more satisfying than The Lost Symbol. As formulaic as Dan Brown is, I still love his page turning adventures.


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