Thursday, February 4, 2010

Touch the Dark

Touch the Dark
By Karen Chance
ROC, 2006. 307 pgs. Fiction

Cassie Palmer is a clairvoyant travel agent hiding from the ruthless vampire who raised her after her parents were both killed in a tragic accident. Her ability to speak with ghosts and see into the future makes her a valuable prize. A prize the opposing factions of the magical world all seem desperate to control.

If you are going to read a vampire series, I wouldn’t recommend this one. The magical world Chance created took way more explanation than I wanted to read. The storyline reminded me a bit of a certain popular young adult vampire novel which has a whole lot of buildup but very little real follow through. Add to that some gratuitous sex and few likable characters and you will have a good picture of why I wouldn’t recommend this book to….well, anyone.


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