Monday, February 1, 2010

The Death Collector

The Death Collector
By Justin Richards
Bloomsbury, 320 pgs. 2006. Young Adult

George, the youngest curator at the British Museum, ends a typical day at work visiting his friend Percy--who is cataloging newly acquired journals of a recently deceased scientist. While there, they come under attack and Percy is killed and the journals are destroyed. All that remains from the journals is a scrap of paper. George is determined to figure out what was so important in those journals that would lead to his friend's death. In his search he joins up with Liz, a would-be actress, and Eddie, a pickpocket, to solve the mystery. The closer they get to the truth the more dangerous it becomes for them.

The story has a bit of everything: action, mystery, horror, fantasy, and a bit of humor thanks to Eddie. Those who enjoy Steampunk novels such as the Hunchback Assignments by Arthur G. Slade will also enjoy this.


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