Tuesday, November 23, 2010


By Scott Westerfeld
Simon Pulse, 2010. 485 pgs. Young Adult

Behemoth continues the story of Austrian Prince Alek who, in an alternate 1914 Europe, eludes the Germans by traveling in the Leviathan to Constantinople, where he faces a whole new kind of genetically-engineered warships.

If you enjoyed Leviathan you are going to love Behemoth. This novel was action, action, action. I loved getting to know the characters better and their interactions with each other. The illustrations were again magnificent. If you missed Scott Westerfeld at our Teen Book Fest you can watch his keynote address here: http://provout.swagit.com/play/11182010-90/0/.
Watch for the end of this trilogy Goliath in 2011!


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