Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Lock Artist

The Lock Artist
By Steve Hamilton
Minotaur Books, 2010. 304 pgs. Mystery

Twenty years ago, at the age of eight, Michael experienced something so traumatic it left him incapable of speaking despite the efforts of social workers, therapists, and doctors. Now, while sitting in a prison cell doing hard time, Michael writes his story. He tells of discovering an unexpected ability to open almost any lock he encounters. After letting the wrong people know of his special gift, Michael becomes trapped into living a life of crime and forced to leave the one person who may be able to unlock his ability to speak.

I wouldn’t quite classify this as a thriller, but it was definitely a gripping story of psychological suspense. Michael is a terrific character and I thoroughly enjoyed being inside his head as he silently encounters a dangerous cast of characters. The story of his tragedy and where it leads him unfolds beautifully and, for me, kept the pages turning well into the night. Because of some harsh language and violence, this book may not be for all readers.


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