Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Major Pettigrew's Last Stand

Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand
By Helen Simonson
Random House, 2010. 358 pgs. Fiction

Can a village seeped in out-moded convention give an atypical love story her blessing? The widowed Major Ernest Pettigrew lives a contented, albeit solitary, life in the idyllic village of St. Mary, England, and trods along well enough until his only brother dies. However, in the midst of his grief, the lovely Mrs. Jasmina Ali--widow of the late Pakistani shop owner--begins turning up in the most pleasantly fortuitous moments. Despite their difference in heritage, the two soon find they have much in common.

And yet, both the village and their families aren’t ready to approve the growing courtship between the Major and Mrs. Ali. In the end, Major Pettigrew will be forced to decide exactly what ties he must break in order to make his most judicious stand.

Lots of charm, lovely characters and a chance for self-reflection make this a most definite, crowd-pleasing read.


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