Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tongues of Serpents

Tongues of Serpents
By Naomi Novik
Del Rey, 2010. 274 pgs. Fantasy.

Despite saving England from Napoleon’s invasion, Laurence and Temeraire’s treason sentence was not overturned and they are now in the prison colony of Australia. In a half-hearted attempt to make the best of the situation, Temeraire and Laurence have been entrusted with three dragon eggs to be used in the new colony, but Laurence and Temeraire are at loose ends as to what else they can do. Laurence is still too loyal to the British Crown to strike out on his own and so they hatch a plan to use the dragons to survey the mountains in the hopes of finding a pass into the interior that they believe smugglers have already found their way through. The terrain proves to be far more difficult than they had anticipated and while camping one night one of the dragon eggs is stolen. Now Laurence and Temeraire must recapture the egg from the smugglers. A quest than sends them far into the Australian Outback.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this series. Temeraire is one of my all-time favorite characters, but this is the sixth book in the series, and it’s starting to feel like the author is just dragging things out. Something I really don’t appreciate. As I stated on my last review, I would still recommend reading this book just to spend a little more time with Laurence and Temeraire.


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