Monday, November 29, 2010

The Dead Sea Scrolls: The Truth Behind the Mystique

The Dead Sea Scrolls: The Truth Behind the Mystique
By Lawrence H. Schiffman
Recorded Books, 2007. 7 CDs. Nonfiction.

This series of 14 lectures is a rudimentary introduction to the Dead Sea Scrolls. You will learn a little about the origin of the scrolls, the content of the scrolls, the sect that created and hid them, the discovery of the scrolls, their translation and publication. You will hear more frequently what the scrolls are not--Schiffman repeatedly dismisses what he refers to a "one-person theories."

I was a little disappointed that there was far too little attention given over to analysis of the scrolls with respect to what they teach us concerning Second Temple Judaism and the origins and antecedents of Christianity. Apparently the field is too young. Schiffman states that the scrolls only recently have been completely published, making them widely available for scholarly research and analysis. At the conclusion of his series of lectures, he makes a call for the kind scholarship and analysis I was hoping to hear presented in this audio presentation.


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