Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Naked Heat

Naked Heat
By Richard Castle
Hyperion, 2010. 290 pgs. Mystery

NYPD detective Nikki Heat was recently thrust into the limelight when an article featuring her and written by her ex-boyfriend, Jameson Rook, hit newsstands. Her new celebrity status is a serious departure from her comfort zone and it has even begun to interfere with her work. Her newest case, the murder of local scandal reporter Cassidy Towne, forces her to team up with Rook again as they sift through high profile suspects looking for a brutal murderer.

This is the second Nikki Heat novel penned by the fictitious Richard Castle from ABC’s hit show Castle. As far as mysteries go, Naked Heat is an okay addition to the genre. The characters are a bit clich├ęd as is some of the dialogue. But readers will most likely be fans of the TV series, and for them this is a fun book filled with familiar conversations, investigations, and characters.


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