Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Traveler’s Gift

The Traveler’s Gift 
by Andy Andrews
Nelson Publishers, 2002. 211 Pgs. Nonfiction

David Ponder has hit rock bottom, he has lost his job , his daughter is sick, and he gets in a car accident. In the midst of all of this he gets to travel through time to meet up with great people in history such as: Abraham Lincoln, Anne Frank, King Solomon, and Christopher Columbus. Each person gives him a lesson on decisions one can make which influences their success.

I love this book. This is one that I have read multiple times and every time I do I feel resolved to be better. Each of the “lessons” given through this book is very well written, and I find that it gives insight to some of these great people in history. Not saying that they were all perfect human beings but they each had something of value to contribute to this person’s story which I find inspiring. It is good to remember that these people were human and it was their choices that made them great not their circumstances.


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