Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Viscounts Proposal

A Viscounts Proposal
by Melanie Dickerson
Waterfall Press, 2017. 279 pgs. Fiction

Leorah Langdon has no patience for the false politeness that permeates Regency Society. After watching her parents be absolutely miserable her entire life she has vowed to challenge societies norms. She has resolved instead of marrying, purely for wealth and standing in the community she will only be married if she falls passionately in love. But her hopes may be thwarted when she is discovered alone with Viscount Withinghall a stuffy, pompous gentleman in his overturned carriage. It will take everything they have to preserve her good reputation and find out who is trying to kill/sabotage the Viscount.

I really enjoyed this story. Leorah is a fun forward thinking character and the Viscount is like Mr. Darcy, he is distant and calculating at first but you fall in love with him as you get to know him. The fun thing about this book is that you get some insight about what he is thinking as you read, which I find most enjoyable.


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