Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Girl from Everywhere

The Girl from Everywhere
by Heidi Heilig
Greenwillow Books, 2016. 454 pages. Young Adult

At 16, Nix has known no other home than her father’s ship, The Temptation. But with her father’s navigational skills and an accurate map of the desired destination, the ship can travel through time to any place both real and imaginary. Through their time traveling adventures, Nix and her father, Slate, have gathered a wonderfully diverse crew that includes roguish Kashmir, a teen boy they saved from an alternate Persia and who Nix has a complex relationship with.

Slate, is from current day New York, but he met Nix’s mother, Lin, in Honolulu’s Chinatown in the1860s. Slate has been consumed with trying to find a map back to this time to save Lin from death during child birth.

During their latest attempt, The Temptation ends up in 1884 Hawaii, but all is not lost when Slate gets word of the existence of an 1868 map. The only problem is the men who own the map want Slate and his crew to rob the King of Hawaii’s treasury in exchange for the map.

This is a fast-moving adventure. Nix is an intriguing character who uses her wits to outsmart foes. In addition, reading about colonial Hawaii, where the majority of the adventure is set, and a time period I knew almost nothing about, was very interesting.


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