Tuesday, March 28, 2017

One Blood Ruby

One Blood Ruby 
by Melissa Marr
Harper Collins, 2017. 368 pgs. Young Adult.

In this sequel to Seven Black Diamonds, it appears not everyone is happy with Lily Abernathy’s new status as heir to the faery throne or her plan for peace with the human world. Deadly attacks on humans continue with methods that are obviously fae in origin and execution. Then Lily and her friends become targets themselves as they wait for her grandparents to officially declare peace with the humans. As tensions rise in both the Hidden Lands and the human world, will Lily and her friends be able to achieve peace between worlds?

 While not the most engaging read, I did like the follow-up and closure this book gives to Seven Black Diamonds. One Blood Ruby acceptably takes care of the loose ends from the previous book. I enjoyed learning more of the backstory about Lily’s parents, and I liked the added perspective of my favorite character, Lily’s aunt Eilidh. Overall, those that enjoyed reading Seven Black Diamonds should also enjoy the sequel, One Blood Ruby.

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