Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Fireman

by Joe Hill
William Morrow, 2016. Fiction

Harper Grayson is a nurse volunteering her time to help those infected by a terrifying plague that is spreading throughout the country.  The doctors have named the infection Draco Incendia Trychophyton, but everyone else just calls it Dragonscale.  The first symptom is an array of tattoo like marks across the body and the final symptom is spontaneous combustion leaving victims mere ash.  When Harper contracts the disease she is quarantined in her home until a mysterious fireman with uncanny pyrotechnic abilities takes her to a hidden community of survivors.

Novels by Joe Hill have been on my “To Read” list for years, but I have never managed to read one.  Now I’m mad that I wasted so much of my life not devouring his novels!  This is a great story with amazing characters and nonstop pacing.  Hill is both a gifted writer and an extraordinary storyteller, a rare and wonderful combination.  I will never again let a Joe Hill novel slide down the priority list.  With this one book, he’s one of my favorite writers!


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