Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Portable Dad: Fix-it Advice for When Dad's Not Around

The Portable Dad: Fix it Advice for When Dad's Not Around
By Steve Elliott
Running Press, 2009. 236 pgs. Nonfiction

This extremely helpful book covers all kinds of topics, such as: cars, computers, bicycles, moving, painting, yard work and tools. The author has a great sense of humor that makes it fun to read about somewhat boring topics.

After recently purchasing a house, I preferred looking through this little book to learn the proper way to paint and do small repairs than some of the larger, more in-depth books. There was just the right amount of information in each section.

I plan on purchasing this book to keep on my bookshelf for future repairs. My husband, who seems to be able to fix just about anything, also really liked reading through this book.

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