Tuesday, December 15, 2009

PS, I Love You

PS, I Love You
By Cecelia Ahern
Hyperion, 2004. 375 pgs. Fiction

A widow at twenty-nine, Holly Kennedy doesn't know what to do. Her life revolved around her husband Gerry, and she never expected him to die so young. Devastated, she doesn't even leave the house, and getting out of bed is a major accomplishment. When she gets a package from her husband, though, she is forced to do more than she thought she could. The package contains envelopes, one for each month, with consists of Gerry's list of things for Holly to do. Some are funny, some are painful, and all contribute to Holly's healing process.

I thought this was a lovely book, a great look at the grieving process and learning to live again. I like Holly, and the cast of quirky supporting characters was great.


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