Thursday, December 17, 2009


By Alyson Noël
St. Martin's Griffin, 2009. 306 pgs. Young Adult

After being in a car crash that was fatal for all her family members, Ever has gained psychic abilities that make daily life overwhelming. Her attempt to close herself off from the majority of the world suddenly fails when an impossibly perfect boy, Damen, starts attending her school, claiming everyone's attention, including her own. As their relationship develops, Ever's life becomes increasingly complex as she tries to discover the reason for Damen's mysterious manner, even risking her own life.

Evermore was a predictable read with poor writing. That being said, it will nonetheless be a popular book for those who enjoyed Twilight and other similar stories, as well as readers looking for a teen romance. Although I didn't mind reading it and will probably read the rest in the series to find out what happens, there are other books written in this genre of much higher caliber.


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AJ said...

I tried reading this book, but it was so poorly written, I couldn't get past the first few chapters.

There are definitely better books out there.