Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cracked Wheat for Christmas

Cracked Wheat for Christmas
By Ted Hindmarsh
Cedar Fort, 2005. 80 pgs. Fiction

For Dr. Alexander Pennington III, Christmas is nothing significant except that it gives him an excuse to leave his practice on the West Coast to visit his affluent family in New England. This is his opportunity to show them what a success he has become. He's gained a prestigious degree, established a reputation, and still adheres to his family's sophisticated code that permits no sentimentality, no special treatment of the poor, and no faith in anyone other than self.

Alexander points his car eastward and keeps the pedal to the floor all day long. Suddenly, there's big trouble! His brand-new high-tech automobile, filled with expensive Christmas gifts, breaks down on a secluded mountain freeway turnoff. He finds himself stranded in a raging blizzard on a cold winter night. All the money and influence in the world can not help him now.

Originally published in 1985, this is a sweet story of how even in the humblest of circumstances love can be found and rich blessings realized.


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