Saturday, January 16, 2010

Love, Rosie

Love, Rosie
By Cecelia Ahern
Hyperion, 2005. 503 pgs. Fiction

Rosie Dunne and Alex Stewart are best friends; they have known each other since they were children and are a vital part of each other's lives--and at times, it seems something romantic might blossom between the two. However, Alex lives in Boston, since his family moved there when he was a teenager, and Rosie is in Ireland, and things always seem to spring up just when Rosie and Alex appear to finally be about to declare their true feelings, leaving the reader to wonder if they'll ever discover true love and be able to act on it.

This book is written entirely in the format of letters, instant messaging conversations, and emails, which can be a bit wearying in a 5oo page book. Also, along the way, I got a little frustrated that things were taking so long. However, the book is well-written and enjoyable as long as the reader doesn't expect immediate gratification and is willing to go on a long journey with Alex and Rosie.


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