Monday, April 29, 2019

The Science of Science Fiction

The Science of Science Fiction
By Matthew Brenden Wood
Nomad Press, 2017. 120 pages. Young Adult Nonfiction

Is it possible to clone dinosaurs like in Jurassic Park? How about traveling through space like in Star Trek? Not everything that is depicted in science fiction is a matter of if, but sometimes just a matter of when. Science and technology are developing at a rapid pace, and in some cases what was once fiction has already become fact. This book explores some of the most common sci-fi concepts, discussing the current science and where it’s headed in the future. Accompanying each chapter are QR codes linking to videos and articles for additional information, discussion questions, and related experiments that can be done at home.

 I had a lot of fun with this book. It’s short enough to be easily digestible, scientific enough to make me feel smarter, and simplified enough for the layman. I loved the QR codes with additional tidbits; they really added an extra dimension to the book’s content. I also felt like each chapter’s discussion questions were quite thought-provoking, making this a fun and informative choice for educators and students.


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