Friday, July 29, 2016

The Springsweet

The Springsweet
By Saundra Mitchell
Boston, 2012. 278 pgs. Young Adult Fiction

Seventeen year old Zora Stewart is more than ready to leave her home in Baltimore after the tragic death of her fiancé, Thomas. So, when Zora's newly widowed aunt needs help on her struggling homestead in the Oklahoma Territory, Zora welcomes the chance to escape into a simple life of hard work. However, things get complicated quickly when Zora discovers her valuable new gift for sensing underground water.

The Springsweet is book two in Saundra Mitchell’s Vespertine series. I didn't read book one, and although I’m sure a few things would have made more sense, I don’t regret starting in the middle of the series; Zora's story stands on its own. This is a fun read, and I especially liked that Mitchell crossed a western setting with supernatural elements. If you've read  Rae Carson's Walk on Earth a Stranger or Michelle Modesto's Revenge and the Wild, you'll enjoy The Springsweet -- particularly if you like stories with a little more romance.


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