Friday, July 1, 2016

Detective Fiction

Detective Fiction 
by William Wells
The Permanent Press, 2016. 224 pgs. Mystery

When Jack Starkey retired from the Chicago PD, he thought he was done with being a homicide detective. He moved down to Fort Myers Beach in Florida and now lives on a boat. However, retirement has started to feel pretty boring so when the local police force approaches him with the opportunity for an undercover assignment, he jumps at the chance. He’s thrust into the world of the social elite and is suddenly surrounded by beautiful women, expensive cars, high-class dining, and murder. Is this the work of a serial killer, or someone with a specific agenda? It’s hard to tell, and people are still dying…

This was a fun, light read. Jack Starkey serves as inspiration and an editor for his friend who is a journalist and author of detective novels. Fans of the TV show Castle might find this book particularly enjoyable as they read about a “real life” situation, and then later read an “excerpt” from the novel, similar to how episodes of Castle played out. I enjoyed watching the struggles of an average middle-class man being thrust into high-class society and how he struggled with it, all while trying to solve the murders. I can easily recommend this to readers looking for an enjoyable mystery. The ending was left open for potential sequels, and they’re something I’ll look forward to.


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