Thursday, July 21, 2016

Rebel Mechanics: All is Fair in Love and Revolution

Rebel Mechanics: All is Fair in Love and Revolution
By Shanna Swendson
Recorded Books, 2015. 320 pgs. Young Adult

Set in 1888, Verity Newton moves from her home to New York City to become a governess. She hasn't ever been a governess before, but with her spunky spirit and desire for adventure she gets along just fine. Verity begins working for a Magister family involving herself in the magical British upper-class. However, she also befriends a group of rebels who believe that steam power is the future, not magic. As she begins to spy for the rebels, yet also agreeing with the Magister's in some regards, her life really begins to be an adventure.

This steampunk alternate history novel was really fun! I'm anxious to see where the story leads. This book was filled with action, drama, and a little bit of romance. The audiobook reader was a little bit off-putting for me at first, but after a while I got used to her voice and really enjoyed listening to this book.


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