Tuesday, December 9, 2014


By Susan Gloss
William Morrow, 2014. 310 pages. Fiction.

Violet, a small town girl, divorced her alcoholic husband to move to the big city and live her dream of starting a vintage clothing store. April is seventeen, orphaned and pregnant, and hoping she'll be able to realize her dreams of a college education, now that her boyfriend has called off their wedding. Amithi married her husband, Naveen, 40 years ago in India and started a new life in the United States with him, only to find after their daughter was grown that he had been hiding a secret life from her all along. These three women all come together at Violet's vintage clothing store and strike up an unlikely friendship that will support them through all their troubles and transform them completely.

Gloss has created some very memorable characters in this book and managed to find the commonalities between three very distinct women. I found myself very invested in their futures and how they would come together, despite their obvious differences, as well as how they would grow individually. There were some instances of strong language in the book.


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