Thursday, December 11, 2014


By Ally Condie
Dutton Juvenile, 320 pgs. 2014. Young adult.

Atlantia is a city deep below the ocean. The glass domes protect the citizens, but at the same time leave them cut off from the Above. The Above is supposedly a death sentence for those who go, provides for those below with food and each year, teens have to choose to stay or go Above to help those in Atlantia survive. Rio and her twin sister, Bay, decide they want to stay in Atlantia and Rio is devastated  when Bay decides last minute to go Above. This leads to Rio questioning what she has been taught all these years, and if staying in Atlantia was the best choice. Rio finds her questions answered and also some challenges as she tries to save her city, her sister, and discover the truth.

I had the chance to meet Ally Condie at the release party for this book, and finished the book within a couple days. I really enjoyed the underwater concept and the details that Condie used to describe Atlantia. The teen troubles and romance are there, but like her Matched series, the main character is strong and witty and can hold her own.  I actually really liked the mystery to the story, as well as the ending. This is an easy read for dystopian fans, and anyone who wants a different world to read about.


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