Friday, December 19, 2014

Charlie Glass's Slippers

Charlie Glass's Slippers
By Holly McQueen
Atria Paperback, 2014. 451 pages. Fiction.

Charlie Glass has always been at everyone's mercy: taking care of her terminally ill father; taking the abuse heaped on her by her stepmother and stepsisters. But after Charlie's father dies and leaves her the majority stake in his world-famous shoe company, she decides to create not just a new shoe line to revitalize the company but a whole new persona to front it. Ten weeks in the California desert leaves her lean, sleek, and coiffed - and in the sights of one of London's most eligible bachelors.

As the title implies, this is a very modern retelling of the classic Cinderella story. But what I liked best about it was not so much Charlie's physical transformation but her interior transformation as she comes to value herself as a person and to find the people who also value her for more than her appearance. McQueen creates interesting characters and has some really witty writing going on. I would recommend this book for readers who like Sophie Kinsella, Emily Giffin, etc. The book does have quite a bit of strong language and innuendo.


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