Saturday, December 13, 2014

Love Without End

Love Without End
By Robin Lee Hatcher
Thomas Nelson, 2014. 306 pages. Romance.

When Kimberly's husband died unexpectedly, she discovered that their financial situation was much more precarious than she had ever anticipated. Without a penny to her name, she and her teenage daughter, Tara, move to Kings Meadow, Idaho to live with her friend until she can find work. Chet has been living alone with his two teenage boys on their ranch after his ex-wife left them after the death of their third son. Both Kimberly and Chet are hesitant to love again, but find solace in each other's company. Will they be able to trust in love again?

I have a special fondness for Robin Lee Hatcher's books because they are set by my hometown and they are very nostalgic. At the same time, she is able to give her characters very relevant and contemporary issues to deal with and makes their struggles with daily problems and regular dependance on God very natural and believable. Her characters are engaging and likeable. A good, uplifting, cozy book to read.


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