Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sweetshop of Dreams

Sweetshop of Dreams: A Novel with Recipes
by Jenny Colgan
Sourcebooks Landmark, 2014. 422 pages. Fiction.

When Rosie Hopkins' mother asks her to go help her great aunt Lillian in the country to recover from hip surgery, Rosie is reluctant to leave behind her London life for even a few weeks. After all, she has a job as a nurse she finds rewarding, if sometimes difficult, a long-term boyfriend who has yet to propose. Sure, it might be a bit boring, but that's what being a grown-up is, right? But as Rosie starts to breathe new life into her aunt's dusty candy shop and to get to know the people in the village, she starts to learn that maybe a bit of an adventure was just what she needed to be happy.

I've always enjoyed Jenny Colgan's books and her writing seems to get better with each book. This story introduces a lot of lovely characters and makes you want to go live in the English countryside, riding a bicycle on dirt lanes while wearing sensible tweeds and brogues. And, even though the premise is fairly predictable, she does manage some twists and turns that the reader is not expecting. A very enjoyable read for lovers of Sophie Kinsella and Hester Browne. This book does have a fair amount of strong language and some sexual content.


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