Tuesday, May 31, 2011

...Then I Met My Sister

...Then I Met My Sister
By Christine Hurley Deriso
Flux, 2011. 269 pgs. Young Adult

Summer's sister, Shannon, died before Summer was even born, and although she never got the chance to know her, she's certainly had the chance to resent her. Shannon, seemingly perfect in every way, is the standard their mother expects Summer to live up to, but Summer doesn't even try. Then Summer's aunt gives her Shannon's diary, and Summer learns there was a lot more to her sister--and their parents--than she knew. With the help of her best friend/crush Gibs, Summer sets out to learn about the sister she never met and to figure out what to do about her family now.

I think my favorite part of this book was actually the budding romance with Gibs, which is awkward and adorable, but readers will enjoy seeing Summer's growth and empathize with her difficulties understanding and communicating with her parents.


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