Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Poison Study

Poison Study
By Maria V. Snyder
Mira, 2005.
409 pgs. Science Fiction

Yelena faces death by hanging until she is offered amnesty by the intimidating Valek, chief of security for the territory of Ixia. Valek offers a condition Yelena can't deny. He will spare her life if she will become his poison taster. Valek teaches Yelena to recognize the slightest hint of poison in food and drink. While enjoying her freedom from the dungeon Yelena discovers that some people want her dead. As political tensions grow in Ixia Yelena discovers a magical talent within her that she cannot control. This is an exciting series opener with intelligent political focus, adventure, and sophisticated romance.


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AJ said...

Poison Study
By Maria V. Snyder
Mira Books, 2007. 409 pgs. Fantasy.

Yelena is set to be executed for killing General Brazell’s son, Reyad, but when she is instead given the job of food taster to the Commander of Ixia (a job that will still likely kill her) she jumps at the chance to live even if only for a short while.

At court, Yelena quickly discovers there is more than one person who would like to see her dead, and during one such battle for her life, she learns that she has some magical ability. This only adds to her problems since it is illegal to use magic in Ixia where all the magicians have been killed or have left the country.

To make matters worse someone is trying to overthrow the Commander. Yelena may be able to help, but will the Commander accept help from a convict even if Reyad deserved to die?

I enjoyed Yelena’s story and watching her blossom from a scared and abused orphan to a powerful young woman. Her adventures continue through two more books in a planned trilogy. I will definitely be reading the rest of the series.