Wednesday, June 16, 2010


By Harlan Coben
Dutton, 2010. 388 p. Mystery

Dan Mercer stands before the red door, knowing that if he opens it, his life will change forever. He feels a strange reluctance, but slips it open nonetheless. What happens next will haunt him until his life’s end—which could be sooner rather than later if anyone who hates a child molester gets their hands on him. However, after opening the door to the sting house and getting caught on camera walking into a what he thought was a teenage girl’s bedroom (whom he met in an underage chat room), he swears he’s been set up from start to finish. Innocent or guilty? – the story winds back and forth and between all the possible suspects so it’s never a sure bet just who did the dirty deed.

Coben’s latest suspense novel strikes the thrill-seeking spot and there’s a bit more than just the mystery at stake. If you like your crime a little raw and don’t mind the sordid subject, than this is a sure hit for suspense lovers. Strong language will keep the sensitive readers away, but the fast-paced action and constant twists will keep the eager reader guessing just who the real killer(s) is/are up until the very last page.


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Anonymous said...

What language? There isn't a curse word or rough word in the whole book.