Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Comfort Food Diaries

The Comfort Food Diaries
By Emily Nunn
Atria Books, 2017. 310 pgs. Nonfiction

Emily Nunn worked for many years as a food writer in both New York and Chicago, she was engaged to a wonderful man, and had an amazing view from her high rise apartment. However, after the sudden death of her brother Oliver, Emily's perfect world fell apart. Her engagement ended and she turned to alcohol to find relief.

One night she wrote a drunken Facebook post about what's been happening in her life and while she was embarassed the next day, she was also pleasantly surprised at the compassion she received from her friends. Many offered words of sympathy and more offered to have Emily come visit their homes, to cook with and for her. With that idea, Emily's Comfort Food Tour began.

She spent a few months in rehab before making a cross country trip, making and eating comfort foods all along the way. Emily reconnected with friends that she hadn't seen in many years and found a way to put her life back togther. Scattered throughout the text are over 50 recipes, recipes that are sure to bring a feeling of warmth and love.


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AG said...

This is a fascinating history of sorrow and comfort food. Emily Nunn, food writer, had the perfect life. She had the perfect fiance, the perfect step-daughter, the perfect apartment in Chicago. She wrote for food magazines and newspapers. She made beautiful lunches for her family. But then her brother, the one she was closest to, committed suicide and sent Emily spiraling into binge drinking and trauma. One night she wrote a Facebook post and poured out her soul about what was going on in her life. The next day she is horrified but also touched at the responses she received from family and friends. They wanted to take care of her. And so Emily, after a stint in rehab, goes on a road trip to seek out her old friends and family and the food that defined her childhood.

Emily's raw vulnerability and the amazing response of her people really inspired me. The writing is excellent, the food is succulent, and the story is compelling. If you liked Julia Child's My Life in France and Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential, you will like this food memoir with heart.