Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Covenant Motherhood: Reflecting the Role of Christ in Our Lives

Covenant Motherhood: Reflecting the Role of Christ in Our Lives 
by Stephanie Dibb Sorensen
Covenant Communications, 2013, 109 pgs, Nonfiction.

This uplifting LDS book compares the roles of Christ with the roles of mothers. Author Stephanie Sorensen uses examples from her own life as well as teachings from general authorities and scriptures to illustrate how the many different roles of motherhood reflect the roles of Christ and his mission. The trenches of daily mothering can become overwhelming, but by seeing parallels to the Savior’s mission in the chaos of domestic life, women can find power in family service as they develop Christ-like attributes through motherhood.

This book is so hopeful, I love it. I love how the author helps the reader to find deeper meaning in those repetitive, sometimes menial and dreaded domestic tasks like laundry and changing diapers. I really felt uplifted and encouraged that I’m not doing everything wrong and there is wonderful purpose in my new responsibilities as a mother.


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