Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Glow of Death

Glow of Death
By Jane K. Cleland
Minotaur, 2016. 291 pgs. Mystery

Antiques expert, Josie Prescott, is also an amateur sleuth. Appraising an authentic Tiffany lamp for a wealthy woman named Ava seems like the opportunity of a lifetime.  When Ava is found dead a few days later, the local police, unable to contact Ava's husband, ask Josie to identify her.  To Josie's shock, the dead woman is not the person who let her into Ava's home to appraise the lamp.

Finding that the lamp is indeed authentic, Josie can imagine a large number of people who might have wanted to steal the lamp, perhaps even murder the owner.  But the lamp is still in the house and doesn't seem to have been disturbed in the course of the murder.  And why and how would someone impersonate Ava? As Josie learns more about the murder, she becomes angry about being deceived by the person who asked her to appraise the lamp and at whoever is trying to murder her as she delves deeper into the murder investigation.

Glow of Death is #11 in the Josie Prescott series. The series doesn't need to be read in order and offers more complex plots than some "cozy mysteries."  SH

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