Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Chancer : How One Good Boy Saved Another : A Memoir

Chancer : How One Good Boy Saved Another : A Memoir
By Donnie Kanter Winokur
Grand Harbor Press, 2017. 272 pgs. Nonfiction

This memoir begins with Donnie and her husband, Harvey, going through the adoption process in Russia for their two children, Morasha and Iyal. As they adjust to parenting and the kids start to grow up, they notice Iyal is having some developmental issues. After many doctor visits and ongoing struggles, Iyal is diagnosed with FASD's (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders).  Struggling to find the best solution for giving Iyal a better life, Donnie researched more into how Service dogs can be trained to help children with hidden disabilities. Eventually Chancer becomes the first FASD trained service dog, and he forever changes life for Iyal and the whole family.

Donnie Winoukur's memoir is such a touching story. I felt so much love for this family, and a lot of sympathy for Iyal. I was not aware of the extent FASD's has on a child's life. She is open about the emotional toll, and real moments that were so hard on all of them as a family. It is wonderful that Donnie put her last hope into a service animal. If you read this, you will fall in love with Iyal and Chancer's relationship, and forever respect all the service animals out there for the care they give.


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