Monday, October 16, 2017

The City of Miracles

The City of Miracles
By Robert Jackson Bennett
Broadway Books. 2017. 451 pgs. Fantasy.

The third and final book of The Divine Cities series, The City of Miracles, continues the exploration of a world where the Continent, aided by the gods, ruled the world until they were defeated by the island nation of Saypur, who found a way to kill their deities. Though the gods are dead, some of their miracles and creatures remain and the Continent still remembers how the world used to be making this world a volatile place. In this book, Shara Komayd, the former Prime Minister of Saypur, is murdered, leaving her adopted daughter in danger. Her loyal friend and former bodyguard, Sigrud, takes it upon himself to get revenge and protect her daughter. However, there are forces and powers working that he knows nothing about and his journey to find the murderer will put the entire world at risk.

This series is a fantastic blend of fantasy, mystery, and political intrigue that makes it a really interesting read. The characters are distinctive and fun, and they are all brought together in this last novel that pays off your interest in earlier novels. Speaking of that, Sigrud is hands down my favorite character in the series, so having him as the main character was fantastic. I love the world building of the series as well. There is a great interplay between the miraculous and technological wonders which are in the world. In short, I can't recommend this series enough. If you are looking for a mysterious fantasy, look no further.

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