Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Into the Water

Into the Water
By Paula Hawkins
Riverhead Books, 2017. 388 pgs. Fiction  9780735211209

A history of drownings haunts a dark watering hole outside a small town.  Troublesome women tend to disappear beneath its calm surface.  The most recent death, that of a single mother who was particularly fascinated with the pool, is bound to disturb the river’s dark history.  As with most small towns, there are plenty of secrets to uncover and feathers to ruffle when investigators conduct their investigation.

Into the Water definitely has a creepy tone and I enjoyed it a lot more than I did Hawkins’ last novel, Girl on the Train.  The characters here, while still dark and damaged, were far more likable and I felt the mystery was satisfying.  I thought I had it all figured out several times and discovered that in the end, I didn’t have it figured out at all.  This is a great suspense novel with a surprising dose of human insight.


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