Saturday, October 7, 2017

Romancing Daphne

Romancing Daphne
by Sarah M. Eden
Covenant, 2017. 317 pgs. Historical Fiction, Romance

Daphne Lancaster is extremely shy and has felt unnoticed her entire life. James Tilburn was kind to her when she was younger and she has dreamed of him ever since. The time has arrived for her to have her first season and she is dreading it because she doesn't have the charm or beauty of her sisters. She is surprised when James Tilburn starts to court her, but things are not as they seem and her greatest fears are confirmed.

I love Sarah Eden's books. I could really relate to Daphne. She was smart and confident in some areas of her life, but felt insecure and backwards in social settings. This is the third book with the Lancaster sisters and I liked seeing characters from the other books make an appearance in this book. James and Daphne are both flawed characters but that is what made me love them even more. This is clean romance, so you can read it without worrying about stumbling across objectionable content.


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